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Dear Dege #1 - Prison Town

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

A blog series dedicated to recanting memorable moments while engaged in Tabletop Role-playing Games from the perspectives of the players or the characters themselves. Readers are encouraged to pass along their own tales that they may be exhibited here. Below is the first official story.

There I was, a young half-elf locked in a prison town, and made to perform arduous labor for an arrogant Duke who lorded over the land. I was a Bard, making my coin from stringing songs in taverns who'd hire me. My elf mother LOVED my dedication to the arts, said I'd enchant any crowd in the world. My human father, come to find out, had much better advice - "Get a real job". I was sent to a fine bardic college where I'd honed my voice and lute playing specialized in love ballads. I graduated and my father of course cut off my allowance. My mother had spent years crafting me a beautiful sturdy oaken lute with string made from unicorn hair as a graduation gift. I was thrilled, so sure of myself that it would be a breeze to financially support myself. My father bet me the family home I would be out of money in six months. Fast forward three months I am staying at my usual room at the inn when a soldier rapped on the door. Told me he was there to collect taxes for the Duke. I performed every night in exchange for board and I ate on whatever tips I made, so of course I was dumbstruck with not a silver to my name. Not to mention I wasn't declaring my income for three months, so I owed interest as well. Anyway, I'm arrested, my clothes and lute are locked up, and I'm brought to the prison town wearing a loin cloth. Yay. I was then forced to begin mining after never doing any physical labor in my life. If only my dad could see me then. I started hearing rumors about gems beyond worth somewhere in the mines. Maybe I'll pay off my debts finding them I thought. I had no idea what was in store next. Xavian, half-elf, DnD 3.0

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