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Some of you may be wondering what a Dege is. Scholars and philosophers have spent eons debating how to properly define the Dege.

Dege (deej) is technically short for degenerate, however, it's a playful term rather than a derogatory one. "What're you deges doin'?" is a standard greeting akin to "what's up?"

Dege too may refer to an error or head shaking moment. E.G. unwittingly eating pizza on the fine China. - "what a dege move."

Dege Time conceptually is the unplanned time in between. After years of showing up last to family gatherings or parties, there was a realization. As humans we can not maintain a precise schedule like machines. Maybe you forgot your key or present, maybe you need to use the bathroom on the road, maybe you lost track of time at the gym, or perhaps you forgot how low your gas tank was. There are infinite reasons we require time to do other things outside one's schedule and with practice one learns - I'm going to tack on 20 minutes of Dege Time for planning my trip.

The second concept of Dege Time is using time to purposefully be a Dege. How does one act a Dege? It's simple - have fun and don't worry. Did you need to clean the house today? Sorry, it's Dege Time, I'm going to play a board game. The chores will be done later. That's not to say we actively oppose performing necessary life tasks, but that time is needed for therapeutic release from "the schedule".

So when going about your day, be sure to add in Dege Time to properly account for life's schedule as well as keep your mind refreshed.

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