Community Highlights

Here you will find multiple forms of media the Deges have been involved with in some way whether it be lending an ear, a voice, an eye, or a hand. We're proud to support our friends and we hope you take the time to check them out.


*Adult Content*

Emperor Pigs: Pizza & Cigs Nominated for Audio Verse Awards

"Emperor Pigs is a full cast audio drama series created by Persephone Rose. It follows the adventures of a team of monsters working at a combination pizzeria and marijuana shop." Conrad voices several characters.

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Mosaiq Music 

Mosaiq self-describes as "Big room, psychedelic, furious, dirt-stomping, ego-destructive, sense-offending, dance music. Independently brewed and incubated in the heart of New England for over a decade. Continuously pursuing the next step forward.


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The Dragon in the Whites Series

Tim Baird is an author of modern fantasy novels focused on dragons. This year he has worked with Conrad Audette to begin giving sound to his words. Find out more about the author by clicking the button below or find the book here.

Sentinel Juggernauts

A superhero comic book series part of Honor Comics with art and characters by Matt Isakson and featuring Conrad as one of the editors. You can read the comics below by clicking the button.


Entombed In Verse

A collection of poetry dedicated to Salem, MA and published by FunDead. Conrad has lent his pen to this work and the book can be found by clicking the button below.

Wrestling Fans Rejoice

Nate, a seasoned wrestling analyst, has his very own website highlighting his podcasts and content creations that you can check out here!


Get the Point

Nate's wife Gina is the artist behind nearly all the Dege Time logos. Check out her page by clicking the button below for more embroidery and graphics.

Play Conrad's Creations

Conrad has 13 years of experience as a Dungeon/Game Master. Attached is one of the home brew one shots he has created. If you sign up and comment on our BLOG you can then email us for a free copy of Bibby Bonkers and the Meat Factory! You can also email us if you'd like Conrad to create something strange or funny for your campaigns.

617 506 9686

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