Season 2 is now airing!

The premier game of season 2 is Retrostar! A 70's sci-fi game both created and run by Barak Blackburn. This game should appeal to anyone who is a fan of science fiction at any level, whether it be space, time travel, superpowers, or cybernetics. The psychology focus for this game will be "Family Therapy".

Recommended Ages: 12+

Genre(s): 60s, 70s, Sci-Fi, TV Shows

Rules Depth/Difficulty: 3/10

Why you should play it: Warp into the past and run your own TV show during the grooviest decades. The game does a phenomenal job emulating the feel of television by breaking play into acts based on a set number of dice rolls. The structure creates forward moving and interesting narrative. There are also dials for things like cheese, special effects, or seriousness to modulate the themes and settings.

Challenges: Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects is the option to give up your control to the "Showrunner" (gamemaster) in exchange for success. Losing agency can be a struggle for some players and should be committed to in advance. Keeping a flowing show on track can be difficult for new gamemasters.

Therapy Focus: Family Therapy. Watch the way our family interacts and the dynamics in play. At the end of the final episode Nate and I will have a discussion reflecting back on the game while teaching about family therapy.

Click the header to be taken to their website! Interested about the development side of the game? We interview Barak Blackburn on the Degecast here!


Coming Soon!

Our second game of season 2 is Pugmire brought to you by Onyx Path Publishing. Players take on the roles of anthropomorphic dogs and in this case the characters were designed by a middle school girls' anxiety group. We are joined by Jack Berkenstock of Bodhana Group and our psychology focus for this game is "Anxiety".