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Dege Time Projects

Headlines and Stories

Deges & Dragons

A YouTube show dedicated to learning and understanding numerous tabletop games for a therapeutic release. Each year the Western World continues to exhibit steady rises in anxiety. We believe that Tabletop Roleplaying is a healthy means of learning social and coping skills, develop new creative approaches to challenges, and act out feelings of power while in a safe environment with a friendly community. We feel it is also important to support Indie developers who create new thrilling ways for people to gather and collaboratively tell stories.


Voice-over Works

Conrad Audette is an amateur voice actor first breaking into the scene in early 2019 voicing a number of extra roles in the audiodrama Emperor Pigs: Pizza & Cigs an adult supernatural dramedy. Since then he has completed his narration for The Dragon in the Whites by Tim Baird, which is now available on Amazon, iTunes, and ACX platforms and has begun work on the second book in the series Washington's Dragon Hunter. You can find his profile below. 


A supplemental podcast to the show Deges & Dragons. Nate Lindberg hosts and edits a weekly segment in which the latest episode of Deges & Dragons is discussed further in depth. Conrad will speak about the challenges and choices as a Game Master as well as delve deeper into the therapeutic aspects. Tony will bring the player perspective and add his thoughts about the events within the game.

Digital Dege Time

In an effort to demonstrate more psychological concepts through video games, we live stream video games. Our first example is "failing forward", an important skill in today's world especially for adolescence. Dark Souls is a fantastic example of this concept as you will die frequently in order to learn how to defeat the bosses. In the future we will continue to stream video games should they reflect a psychological concept that leads to healthier minds.

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