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Dear Dege #10 - Betrayal by Ankle Death

My name is Goliah and I nearly died if not for the intervention of God. I had trained my entire life to be the strongest martial artist in the world, able to topple buildings with my fists. In my hubris I crafted my signature brass knuckles with the word PWNED inscribed. I would cave in skulls or chests leaving this engraved in their fractured body.

A had traveled to a magical academy where many powerful students honed their crafts and I thought I too could further my power. Arrogance and narcissism were rampant, but I couldn't blame them. I was humbled and opted to join a fraternity. These groups were headed by various advisers and my own was a war priest named Barry. He wielded a massive blade in the shape of a cross. Each fraternity was given quests to further their strength. Every so often mighty monsters would attack the school, which I was not prepared for.

Our task was simple, to recover a medallion in the dungeon beneath the campus. I set off with the most prideful paladin in history, a self-centered artificer who animated puppets, and a talking rabbit. Yes, a literal bunny only weighing a few pounds. Before we could even reach one of the dungeon entrances, a dragon suddenly attacked. In the moment I wanted to save the others. "Flee to house and warn Barry! I shall distract it for you all," I cried out. Just as I was about to leap forward in its direction, the rabbit sliced my achilles tendon. I fell to the ground crippled while the others fled. To this day, I have no idea why she did that nor why the others abandoned me. The dragon approached slowly, but a bright light blasted down from the sky between us. An angel stood before me brandishing a golden maul. That was the last image before I blacked out and knew to give in to faith.

Goliah - 3.5 dwarf monk

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