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Dear Dege #8 - Put Meat Bags Where They Belong

In my youth before I understood the power of the dark side, I had several people guiding me. Each of them sought to teach me the best ways to use the force and what I could accomplish for the galaxy. My first master, Konradi-adi, a Cerran, constantly posed deep philosophical questions for me. It was unclear if he himself knew the answers for he was constantly stroking his tall coned head deeply contemplating with his two brains. Unfortunately for him he died sacrificing his life to hold a cave in with the force. Another weaker master managed to find me, angry that Konradi had perished. This new master attempted to put life into perspective for me, but it was ultimately erroneous.

Soon after my new master, Micah, had taken me under his wing, a droid appeared and began following us around. He began showing me that taking what I want wasn't so bad. Neither was killing. A bounty hunter had appeared claiming that there was a large sum for me to be taken alive. He was able to subdue myself and Micah, but the droid simply grabbed him by the throat and crushed his neck like a trash bag. This would be the first of many he would kill that got in our way. That was the first flicker I felt of the dark side's might.

Bishop, human force wielder, Star Wars Saga Edition

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