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Dear Dege #3 - The Good Wyvern

The day had started like any other in the company of Barrend, Corned Beef, Angus, and Gundogan - with life or death combat. At that point Barrend had acquired one of the Masks of Power. To be clear, there was one for each school of arcana, and once you dawned one of these strange masks it was bound to you granting magical abilities. We heard a rumor about one buried within a nearby cavern. Before we make it to the entrance, this massive wyvern comes out of nowhere. Being a dwarf blessed with near superhuman agility and confidence to show for it, I jumped up while the wyvern was mid swoop. I quickly flung a rope over each wing and pulled them together with all my might. It crashes head first into a boulder knocking it out. I tied it up nice and began training it, feeding it often as it listened to my commands. I spent months on this and grew quite attached to my new pet. For next tier training there was an elf in a city we traveled to that was well known for training difficult mounts such as wyverns or hippogryphs. There's an early mishap, the trainer is maimed by guy. Womp womp. He apparently continued to train him and we made our way back to the city after doing some dungeon diving. I go straight to the trainer to see him and he's all happy to see me. The trainer is all bitter. He's in a wheelchair now, but he continued doing the work like a professional. Next morning I get up to go for a ride...he's wyvern is dead from POISON. OK. It's pretty obvious to me who was responsible. I look at the ground and there are wheel tracks leading into the forest away from the trainer's house. I confront him with my trusty sword "Butterfly". He still hates me clear as day, so I go to remove his head from his body and he shouts, "Wait it wasn't..." silence. I decapitated him. After so much time and money caring and tending to my poor wyvern I was quite upset. Torrin Sundbar, Dwarf, DnD5E

*Out of game* Another of Nate's in game pets bites the dust

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