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Dear Dege #5 - Ultimate Persuasion

I remember years ago before my ascension to godhood, I was on a quest for Lord Bahamus with my..."coworkers". We had been sent into an ancient dungeon on the shadow plane in search of artifacts to extract divinity. Before Bahamus vanished into the cosmos, he was attempting to build an entirely new pantheon to usurp the former. Tiamat, the dragon goddess, had murdered his father Bahamut. The gods stood by with complete neutrality. When he attacked Tiamat, she banished and bound him to a pocket dimension. He was able to summon us as greenhorns. Skip to the dungeon years later, which with Bahamus's guidance we had surpassed mortals already, we were tasked with overcoming a series of magical trials. My golden voice is beauty incarnate. I spoke to the disembodied voice that laid our mission and convinced it to simply allow us to enter the final chamber and claim our treasures.

-Johnny Whiplash, god of Charisma, DnD 3.5

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